Agile Training

We do more than just metrics and analytics. Contact us to get the world’s leading Agile training on Flow, Flow Management, and Kanban. We can also teach you how to improve your process and interpret the data you already have. Your customers demand predictability from you and you demand predictability from your teams. Isn’t it time you delivered on your promises?

Agile Coaching

Need to jumpstart your Agile initiative? Or get one started? We can help. Our coaches have assisted companies all over the world to take their Agile implementations to the next level. Nobody understands flow metrics and predictability like we do because no one has been looking at data like this longer than we have. Don’t you want the industry leading experts on your side?

Agile Data Analysis

Not sure what data you have? Not sure how to get the collect data from your existing Agile tool? Our team has experience with working with products from most leading Agile tools vendors. Chances are you already have all the data you need to be predictable. Allow us to show you how.

And More

Forecasting, financial analysis, risk management and more. Agile goes far beyond the day-to-day of just moving stories across a board. We understand that better than anyone. Get visibility to the financial implications of the actions you take. Comprehend the impact of prioritization decisions. We can get you to true business Agility.

Our customers say it best:
  • The ActionableAgile™ Analytics tool is easy to use and highly adaptable. It provides a very simple interface. You do not have to be an expert in statistics to become proficient very quickly in understanding the metrics. –Bennet Vallet, Director of Product Development, Siemens Health Services

  • ActionableAgile™ Analytics gives us an unparalleled look into our own data. Whether we are looking at the organization for the year or a team for a week, we can easily benchmark productivity and show improvement. –Mike Longin, Manager of Software Engineering, Ultimate Software