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Agile Analytics Done Right


See flow metrics as you’ve never seen them before. Interactive Cumulative Flow Diagrams come alive and rightly take their place at the forefront of understanding process health.


Little understood, and almost always (until now) built incorrectly, Cycle Time Scatterplots are your best friend when it comes to predictability.


Uncertainty needs to be thought of as a shape and not a number. Cycle Time Histograms are the shape of your process.

And So Much More

We don’t stop there. Aging Charts, simple Forecasting, access to your Source Data and more complete the set of features you need to be successful.

Get the Right Answers to the Right Questions

When you start work for your customers, they usually only care about one thing: “When’s it going to be done?” How good have you been at answering that question? Our analytics give you the insight you require to give your customers the answers they need. Learn more about CFDs, Scatterplots, Aging Charts, and Histograms.

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Don’t Replace Your Existing Agile Tooling

Make it better. The ActionableAgile™ Analytics tool allows you to visualize your process unlike anything else on the market today. And you can have all that without changing any tools on your end. The ActionableAgile™ Analytics software integrates seamlessly with most major vendors’ Agile products (yes, even Excel!). If you have access to your raw process data, then you can visualize it in our product. We’re not asking you to throw away your existing investment in Agile tooling, but we are asking you to do your process a favor and do analytics right.


Security First. Always.

We’ve designed our analytics software with security of your data in mind from day one. Your information will never get stolen from our site because we never see it. In fact, we don’t want to. At ActionableAgile™, we believe your data is yours and it should stay that way.