Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagrams

See Cumulative Flow Diagrams done right. Scroll to see more features or click the button below to demo now.

See All of Your Flow Metrics in One Place

The health of your process usually comes down to three metrics: WIP, Cycle Time, and Throughput. The ActionableAgile™ Analytics CFD allows you to visualize those metrics like never before.

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Zoom into the Most Interesting Parts of the Graph

We know that CFDs with a lot of data are hard to read. That’s why we’ve designed a zoom feature that allows you to easily select the parts of the graph that are most interesting to you.

Easily Turn Process Steps On and Off

Only want to see certain steps in your process but still want to preserve the integrity of your diagram? Easy. Simply select the workflow steps you are interested in (including your backlog) and the Analytics tool does the rest. Your CFD stays a CFD. No distortions, no nonsense.

Cumulative Flow Diagram

And More!

Immediately filter on any number of work item types that you choose. Extend the limits of your diagram both vertically and horizontally. Change the default time unit setting (from days to weeks for example). Interact with your process data in a Cumulative Flow Diagram as you never have before!

Agile Analytics Done Right


See flow metrics as you’ve never seen them before. Interactive Cumulative Flow Diagrams come alive and rightly take their place at the forefront of understanding process health.


Little understood, and almost always (until now) built incorrectly, Cycle Time Scatterplots are your best friend when it comes to predictability.


Uncertainty needs to be thought of as a shape and not a number. Cycle Time Histograms are the shape of your process.

And So Much More

We don’t stop there. Aging Charts, simple Forecasting, access to your Source Data and more complete the set of features you need to be successful.