Cycle Time Histogram

A Cycle Time Histogram allows you to see how your data is shaping your predictability. Scroll to see more features or click the button below to demo now.

Shape is Everything

The ActionableAgile™ Analytics Cycle Time Histogram gives you a concise view of the shape of your Cycle Time Data. Hover over each bar to see its associated Cycle Time and the number items it contains.



Color According to Percentiles

Just like the Scatterplot, you can see the standard percentile bands that your data falls into. You can also color the bars to make the percentiles more obvious.

Zoom Into Interesting Areas

Like all of our charts, the Cycle Time Histogram allows you to zoom into the areas of your data that interests you most. The diagram itself updates immediately and automatically as you zoom.


And More!

Easily link to other Agile Tools. Color dots based on types. Show or hide different steps in the workflow. Change the default time unit setting (from days to weeks for example). Interact with your process data in a Cycle Time Aging Chart as you never have before!

Agile Analytics Done Right


See flow metrics as you’ve never seen them before. Interactive Cumulative Flow Diagrams come alive and rightly take their place at the forefront of understanding process health.


Little understood, and almost always (until now) built incorrectly, Cycle Time Scatterplots are your best friend when it comes to predictability.


Uncertainty needs to be thought of as a shape and not a number. Cycle Time Histograms are the shape of your process.

And So Much More

We don’t stop there. Aging Charts, simple Forecasting, access to your Source Data and more complete the set of features you need to be successful.