Cycle Time Scatterplot

Cycle Time Scatterplots

See how long it is really taking you to get things done. Scroll to see more features or click the button below to demo now.

A Cycle Time Chart That You Understand

Reading the ActionableAgile™ Analytics Cycle Time Scatterplot does not require you to have an advanced degree in statistics. Look at easy to understand percentile bands to gain insight into the performance of your process. You can even drag the percentile lines up and down to get the percentages that you are interested in!



Easily See the Detail of Individual Work Items

Hover over any dot on the chart to expand the detailed data associated with that work item. See all of its attributes including the amount of time it spent in each individual workflow step.

Use Colors to Distinguish Dots

Want to see the distribution of User Stories vs. Defects? Closed vs. Cancelled? Or how about those items that had external dependencies? Easily color the dots on the chart by any attribute you choose and watch your Cycle Time data come to life.


And More!

Zoom into clusters of dots. Easily link to other Agile Tools. Turn percentile lines on and off. Select different start and end points for your Cycle Time calculation. Change the default time unit setting (from days to weeks for example). Interact with your process data in a Cycle Time Scatterplot as you never have before!

Agile Analytics Done Right


See flow metrics as you’ve never seen them before. Interactive Cumulative Flow Diagrams come alive and rightly take their place at the forefront of understanding process health.


Little understood, and almost always (until now) built incorrectly, Cycle Time Scatterplots are your best friend when it comes to predictability.


Uncertainty needs to be thought of as a shape and not a number. Cycle Time Histograms are the shape of your process.

And So Much More

We don’t stop there. Aging Charts, simple Forecasting, access to your Source Data and more complete the set of features you need to be successful.